Three Birthdays in One

This was the penultimate week of school before the Xmas holidays and it’s clear that the festive season is here. Even though I’ve seen more Xmas markets in the last couple of weeks to last a lifetime and it’s begun snowing, it definitely does not feel like Xmas to me since in Australia unbearably hot weather and sweatiness tend to signify that the festive season is coming.

Ennui in Erlang

Winter is officially here and there was one day with a couple of hours of sleet, which easily distracted one of my year 7 classes. Two days per week I start class at 8am and I’ve had to get use to riding a bike in the early morning at quite low temperatures and the associated wind chill.

Laufgelage and an outing in Oberfranken

This is going to be a short one because not a lot has transpired over the last two weeks. One particularly notable event, which was actually the only interesting thing to happen during the week before last, was the Laufgelage (“walking feast”). It is evidently the second biggest social event in Erlangen after the Bergkirchweih and is held once a semester, organised by the uni here and consists of a three course dinner shared with complete strangers.

Review: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Like Meet the Fockers, the film follows the standard trope-ridden narrative: Boy meets girl, they fall in love and then have to meet the other's parents. One of their families turns out to be incredibly difficult to please; the rest of movie centers on one half of the couple attempting to win over the parents and family of the other half. Blah blah blah. Happy ending.

Hiking in Franconian Switzerland

My third week of teaching English in Germany is over and I’ve almost completely settled into my school; I now know the locations of all of my 12 classes and have spoken to all 11 teachers I’ll be assisting, and all of them are more or less approachable and amicable (though I can’t say the same about most of the teachers in the other departments).