Wieso, weshalb & warum: Interrogative Adverbs in German (and English)

As a learner of German, you may have seen memes, such as this: Or perhaps the lyrics from the German version of Sesame Street: Der, die, das (the, the, the) Wieso, weshalb, warum (why, why, why) Wer nicht fragt bleibt dumm (if you don't ask, you'll stay stupid) Despite the fact that there are serious … Continue reading Wieso, weshalb & warum: Interrogative Adverbs in German (and English)

An Evaluation of Five Useful Learning Apps for Teachers of German

Currently, there is a plethora of online resources for teaching German as a second language and one is absolutely spoilt for choice. Thus, I have created this post, in which I will evaluate five useful learning apps, including an assessment of which cognitive skills from Bloom's revised taxonomy they engage (Köksal & Ulum, 2018; Bloom … Continue reading An Evaluation of Five Useful Learning Apps for Teachers of German


Who are they: Nordburger is a relatively small South Australian burger chain with three locations. The Burger(s): I ordered the Royale ($10.90) from the Frewville store. This burger comes as a double with two juicy perfectly-browned griddle-smashed patties cooked medium with an adequate amount of seasoning. A basic soft toasted sesame seed bun accompanies the … Continue reading Nordburger

The Burgers of London

I recently spent a weekend in London since I was advised to leave Germany and reenter on a different visa. It wasn't a particularly enjoyable trip, but I made the most of it by examining the burgers of London. Here are my reviews of a few of the major burger chains I discovered.

A Quickie in Erfurt

The Free State of Thuringia (Thüringen) is a former GDR state in central Germany, known as the "green heart" of Germany since it's covered with dense forest, is definitely not the most popular part of this country. I'd guess that most international visitors to Thuringia visit the former site of the Buchenwald concentration camp or are literature mavens who want to see Goethe and Schiller's Weimar. Sadly, this state is also infamous as a center of Neo-Nazi activity.