Nordburger’s Royale

Who are they: Nordburger is a relatively small South Australian burger chain with three locations.

The Burger(s): I ordered the Royale ($10.90) from the Frewville store. This burger comes as a double with two juicy perfectly-browned griddle-smashed patties cooked medium with an adequate amount of seasoning. A basic soft toasted sesame seed bun accompanies the meat with two slices of American Cheese. The toppings on the Royale are pickles, caramelised onions, ketchup, mustard and the special Nordsauce.

The burger came wrapped in paper with a side of scrumptious tater tots and fry sauce. Visually, the Royale was quite an ugly and feeble thing, reminiscent of a generic, sad-looking fast food burger. However, looks can be deceiving; it tasted phenomenal. The beef patties really shine here and are complemented masterfully by the well-selected toppings. The Nordsauce is excellent enough by itself for the ketchup and mustard to be omitted. Nordburger is easily one of the better burger chains of Adelaide and delivers an elevated fast food-style burger for those who want real comfort food, not to mention that their prices are quite reasonable: a double patty burger for under $11 is outrageous!

The Other Stuff: I ordered it via UberEats so didn’t get to fully review the decor and staff. But I did visit it once years  ago and all I remember is that the decor is extremely retro.

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