Ratskrone Premium Pilsener

Ratskrone Premium Pilsener
is brewed for the Edeka supermarket chain. Of all the big German supermarket chains, Edeka is probably the most luxurious and lavish. In my region, the actual brewery is not clearly stated on the can; the so-called Brauerei Abfüllung written on the can is not an actual brewery, and the only visible address is from a company from Hamburg called Veritas. One 500ml can is 29 cents and contains 4.9% alcohol.

Colour is pale gold with a barely existent sugary aroma. Taste is malt dominated: sickeningly sweet with little hop bitterness. Mouthfeel is generically watery. This brew is not particularly good and also not particularly offensive.

This shitty beer is very similar to Rewe‘s Turmbräu and is surprisingly inoffensive for a beer that is less than 60 cents (about AU$1) per litre.

Rating: 3 Stars out of 10

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