Turmbräu Original Premium Pils

It’s time to take at look at Rewe‘s contribution to the shit beer landscape. Rewe is a supermarket chain which is somewhat more luxurious than Lidl or Aldi. Turmbräu Original Premium Pils is brewed for Rewe by Brauerei Mönchengladbach (Oettinger). 500ml can of this swill can be picked up for 29 cents.

Colour is a dark, deep gold with a fine-grained, fragile head that dissipates rapidly.
Smell is very sugary and some hints of sweet fruit. Taste is dominated by a pungent fruity sweetness with some slightly unpleasant graininess. Bitterness is surprisingly pallid which is unusual for a pils; this tastes more like a Helles. a sweet, not unpleasant aftertaste

Rating: 3 Stars out of 10

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