Betty’s Burgers

Betty’s Double

Who are they: Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. is a surprising large burger chain from Queensland with 19 locations across Australia.

The Burger(s): I ordered the Double ($16) from the Rundle Street store here in Adelaide. This burger comes as a double with two rather dry and slightly rubbery griddled patties cooked well done. The rubbery beef patties suggest that maybe the beef mince was seasoned too early before cooking or that the fat content is too low. In any case, they are complemented by a plain white burger bun which is soft, flaky and untoasted as well as two melty slices of American cheese. The toppings include bacon, pickles, raw diced onions, ketchup and mustard.

Apart from the disappointing lack of juiciness and slight rubberiness of the beef patties, the overuse of toppings really killed this burger. Ketchup and mustard can complement a burger in moderation but this thing was drenched in the stuff; they had applied the sauces to both sides of the bun so they drowned out the flavour of the beef. Also, the bun was not toasted, the bacon undercooked and the toppings were cold which really killed any chance of gastronomical synergy. However, it isn’t all bad news. The presentation and packaging of the burger was excellent; they are served with half a side wrapped in paper to stop them juices going everywhere like at Shake Shack. I had high expectations for Betty’s Burgers, but unfortunately this Queensland export is frustratingly average.

The Other Stuff: The premises of the restaurant are brand-spanking new, modern and spacious but maintaining a slightly retro feel. At-the-counter service is super friendly and quite fast (about ten minutes).

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