Karlskrone Premium Pilsener


Karlskrone Premium Pilsener is brewed by Brauerei Mönchengladbach, one of Oettinger’s breweries, for Aldi Süd. A 500ml can can be brought for 29 cents. The label promises “fresh” and “spicy” enjoyment.

Colour is medium gold with minimal head and some faint lacing. It is almost scentless with a mere whiff of breadiness. Taste is very sweet but not cloying; there is a touch of slight spicy bitterness with no drawn-out unpleasant aftertaste. Carbonation is quite high which distracts from the wateriness of this beer.

All in all, this beer was much better and slightly more complex than the two previous brews from Perlenbacher. Its potent sweetness is a drawback but it remains relatively drinkable with no harsh, metallic aftertaste. For 29 cents per 500ml, I’m quite impressed, but it’s not a particularly good example of a German pils due to the lack of bitterness.

Rating: 4 Stars out of 10


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