Shit Beer Showdown

Here in Germany there is no lack of great beer; I’ve spent a considerable amount of time finding and trying the best beers in Germany. However, one must take the bad with the good, and it time to delve into the deep dark abyss that is German “discount beer”.

However, the shittest brew in Germany might be relatively decent compared to the worst beers in the Americas, Asia or in Australia, and I doubt I’m going to come across anything as putrescent as some of the worst beers in existence: Corona Extra, Victoria Bitter, Carlton Cold and Bud.

There are several crappy German beers which have, unfortunately, achieved worldwide fame: Beck’s, Bitburger and Radeberger, which are all unpleasant German pilseners. By no means are these the worst, and it is my mission to find the cheapest, nastiest, skunkiest pisswater in all of Germany.

I’ve decided to categorise and review these filthy brews according to brand, even if the same brand does not necessarily equate to the same brewery. Some variation can be expected since these beers may be brewed by different breweries depending on region.

I’m also going to set a price threshold for the beers I review: the regular price of a 500ml bottle or can must be below 50 Euro cents to eligible for the Shit Beer Showdown.

Beers are rated according to a 10 Star system; however, I don’t expect any of these beers to surpass 5 stars: 1 Star = utterly undrinkable; 5 Stars = surprisingly satisfactory; 10 Stars = inconceivably incredible.


Perlenbacher (Lidl)


Karlskrone (Aldi Süd)

Turmbräu (Rewe)


Ratskrone (Edeka)


Stephans Bräu (Kaufland)


Schloss (Netto)


5,0 Original

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